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Party in the 1950s with kransekake and snaps


Hi and welcome to Food Norway

Cooking is a hobby of mine and I am especially inspired by traditional dishes and techniques. Norwegian food in general, and especially traditional recipes, are hard to find on the internet – even in Norwegian.

To fill this gap, I decided to cook and publish many of the Norwegian classics based on some books I inherited from my grandmother. Food Norway will contain a variety of traditional Norwegian food based on fish and game, as well as berries & breads.

My favorite Norwegian dish is at the moment is a variant of stockfish called Boknafisk.

Any questions contact:

Velbekomme,  bon appétit , you’re welcome.

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  1. I look forward to future recipes. I see a picture of fish cakes, but no recipe.
    My father and mother are norwegian and I was born in NY and currently live in NJ. I love to cook , especially norwegian! Best of luck with your blog!

    1. Yay! My first comment:-) And sorry for my late reply Linda.
      Currently I’m working on publishing my Sour Cream Porridge and Fenalår recipes. I will try to publish the fish cakes recipe immediately after.
      I also have fiskegrateng, klot, medisterkaker, rosettbakkels and my granny’s chicken recipe in the pipeline.
      So please stay tuned.

      Ha en fin dag.

  2. Hello friends,
    My father was born in Oslo and sailed to California as a young sailor. He met and married my mother. He fished in Alaska as a young man. We always had picked herring on hand.
    When he was older he had a fishing boat called the Searaider. He fished for salmon off the California coast. I often went along to help. He has been gone now for many years and I’m an old lady of 89 years. I want to make pickled herring again. I have his recipe, but I need salted herring. What shoul I do?

    1. Hi Joyce.
      I will try to publish a recipe in the near future. We have diffrerent types of saltet herring so i will try to publish at least three of them 🙂 But a quick recipe is to mix 200gram of salt to every litre of water + on tsp of sugar. Remove the head and gut from the herring. Add the herring to a container, pour the cooled brine over the fish and put something on top to be sure its under the brine. Refill brine if needed after a few days. Leave it in the fridge for 3-4 weeks at 4-6 degree celcius. Remember to turn the container over once a week or so. This is a recipe for light salted herring that will be perfect to make pickled herring with 🙂 Send me a mail if you have need more help with your herring project. Good Luck Joyce.

  3. My Grandfather, Andrew Rodseth, was Norwegian and I have been to the “family” farm 25 years ago. I would love to learn any recipes that from Norway. Please post more.

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