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Norwegian rowan berris jelly

Rowan berries jelly

Early August is the start of the berry season in Norway, so me and my family went out to harvest some rowan berries (or Rognebær as we say in Norway) so we could make some jelly. This jelly we use with game meat, sunday roast and meatballs (kjøttkaker). As my grandfather always said, if the rowan trees […]

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Rhubarb Juice poster with text and ingredients

Rhubarb juice

Enjoy this refreshing rhubarb juice recipe. As a bonus the rubarb is packed with A-, B- and C-Vitamins. Ingredients: 700 g Rhubarb 200 g sugar 1 l water 1 vanilla pod juice of one lemon Directions:  Remove and discard the leaves on the rhubarb stalks. Do not peel. Wash and slice the rhubarb stalks into one […]

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