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Showes a bottle of gin and some juniperberries

Juniper berries snaps or gin if you like

Juniper berries snaps is super fast and super simple to make. And tastes really good. Many may know this snaps as Gin. In Norway we pick the berries in September or later. It is important to just pick the dark blue berries. They say the green berries will give your snaps the taste of Turpentine. Uff da.

Fun facts: Juniper berries are not real berries,  they’re cones.

This is how to make Juniper Berries Snaps


  • 500ml good quality vodka
  • 25-30 tbsp dark blue juniper berries (Juniperus communis)


  1. Crush half of the juniper berries a little to help release the aromatics and place them inside a mason jar.
  2. Pour over the vodka and seal.
  3. Leave to infuse in a cool dark place for a minimum of seven days. Shake it gently every other day.
  4. Taste it. If to blend, leve it a few more days. If it is to your liking then filter filter it through a sieve. Do not use a muslin or a coffee filter, because the aromatic oils will  be removed and it will not taste the same.
  5. Bottle your gin. The snaps are ready to be enjoyed. But it will get better after a few months of storage.

Serve it with tonic water, a slice of cucumber and ice.


Showes a bottle of gin and some juniperberries
Gin – juniper berries snaps ©FoodNorway

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