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Party in the 1950s with kransekake and snaps


Hi and welcome to Food Norway

Cooking is a hobby of mine and I am especially inspired by traditional dishes and techniques. Norwegian food in general, and especially traditional recipes, are hard to find on the internet – even in Norwegian.

To fill this gap, I decided to cook and publish many of the Norwegian classics based on some books I inherited from my grandmother. Food Norway will contain a variety of traditional Norwegian food based on fish and game, as well as berries & breads.

My favorite Norwegian dish is at the moment is a variant of stockfish called Boknafisk.

Any questions contact:

Velbekomme,  bon appétit , you’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I look forward to future recipes. I see a picture of fish cakes, but no recipe.
    My father and mother are norwegian and I was born in NY and currently live in NJ. I love to cook , especially norwegian! Best of luck with your blog!

    1. Yay! My first comment:-) And sorry for my late reply Linda.
      Currently I’m working on publishing my Sour Cream Porridge and Fenalår recipes. I will try to publish the fish cakes recipe immediately after.
      I also have fiskegrateng, klot, medisterkaker, rosettbakkels and my granny’s chicken recipe in the pipeline.
      So please stay tuned.

      Ha en fin dag.

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